Impactful or contemplative?

Impactful or contemplative?

 There is a lot of emphasis put on impact in some photography circles.  Professional photographers rely on it to sell products. Photo journalists to illustrate stories.  Contemplative photography doesn't compete. It tries to stand on its own legs and passes the test of time on my wall.  One pops and is gone, while the other matures, develops and blossoms with age. It is full of mystery and stories. Full of intellectual puzzles to unravel. Questions posed. Mostly hidden and little reveals.  

Impactful photography is often singular in story and content.  Constructed with purpose with clear stories and messages.   

I do wonder if both can exist at the same time.   

What are your thoughts?  

Kolmansklop, Namibia Photograph Copyright Len Metcalf 2018

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