What should you leave out?

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." 

~ Pablo Picasso

As photographers we tend to think about what we are putting into our photographs. Questions run through our heads like 'What is the main subject?' Or 'What is the story I am trying to tell?'

It's really interesting to watch people cropping in tighter to improve their work.  Removing the unnecessary.  I remember watching a Micheal Richman video where he kept recropping as he continued to process the image.   Each time getting in closer to the subject.  I have thought about the photojournalists need to get right to the point as quickly as possible.  

Personally, I prefer to work harder at the taking end and try to get it right then.   

The question I ask is 'Does it help and support the photograph or detract and distract me?' 

The Richtersveld National Park South Africa on the border of Namibia.  Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 

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