Monumental Monoliths

Projects come most easily to me when brainstorming ideas with others.  The other peoples influences don’t need to be in the decision making nor in the final form.  The thing is it’s the interplay of thoughts and words.  It’s the random ideas.  It’s going off on tangents to make others laugh.  It’s different life experiences.  It’s exposure to the art of others.  

The concept for my Project ‘Monumental Monoliths’ came whilst on the Great Ocean Road Seascape Photography Workshop. Looking for a series in my own work to help my students understand the concept, I noticed my propensity to photograph singular objects in the water.  These were often a dominant mass composition, but not always.  

Once the idea formed and a few prints were blue tacked to the wall it started to grow. To develop.  To find it’s own path forward.  Some came down and new ones were added.  My direction for each shoot became clearer.  Slowly the words to accompany the project evolved.   

It isn’t finished as a project by any means, but it is started.  The parameters are set.  The start is cemented.  Now I have something else to work on while I am at the seaside.   

Projects are so important to me.  They give me purpose and direction.  No longer am I just wandering looking for something to speak to me.  I am searching for another gem to add to my project.  They make my creative life easier.   

What are your projects for this year? 

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Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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