Creativity inspires and feeds creativity

Creativity inspires and feeds creativity

There is an unfortunate misconception that there is only so much creativity inside someone.  People fear that it is in limited supply.  That you need to be careful not to use it all up.  Luckily this is so far from the truth of the matter. 

Creativity feeds itself.  The more you use it the more you get.  Probably the best metaphor is the opening of synapses in our brains. New neural pathways. The more we use them the better they work.   

Creativity is transposable. For example day dreaming and imagining things in one part of your life helps you in your artistic endeavours as well.  Being creative in your artistic life will help you in your work life as well.   

Personally, I find it comes in waves that washes over me.  One may be a wave of ideas to write about, or an easier way to thiink about my writing.  At other times it may be for a new series of artworks.  And at others it may be being caught up in the act of creating artworks.  I have learnt not to worry too much about what each wave is, but to go with it and enjoy where it takes me.

The point is to try and incorporate it into your life as much as possible. Be creative at every twist and turn.  It’s important that once it starts you follow it. Take notes.  See where it leads you. Even frivolous ideas are worth pursuing because they feed other creative ideas.  

The worst thing to do is to shut them down and resign yourself to their uselessness or their in appropriate timing.  Concentrate on embracing them and using them as inspiration.   You never know which of these thoughts will bring you the creativitie idea that changes your life or better yet, the lives of others.  

Follow and nurture every creative thought. For they will feed and inspire more.  

King Fern in Kissing Canyon in the Wollemi National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Wilderness.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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