Photography gives me room to explore ideas and artworks that I never thought I could tackle through the medium of drawing, nor painting for that matter.  I wonder if my own preconceived ideas and judgements are too strong in this matter.  I doubt I will ever test it.  Though I do aspire to returning to drawing one day.   

I do get great joy in anbstracting nature to the point where, me, as the viewer questions what we are looking at.  Pushing myself towards the abstract expressionist painters for inspiration.  Turning to geometricly simpler compositions.   Pushing myself further and further away from the norms of what is considered landscape photography.

I once wrote I was searching for a new Australian vision and direction exploring this amazing landscape.  One that was unique and one that captured this old and beautiful place.   

I now realise I have just been searching for my own voice that connects with my sense of place.  When places feel like my country.  Places where I feel I belong.  If I don’t connect with the landscape, I don’t bother photographing it.   

I don’t yet understand how I can connect with places so far away, such as Scotland or the Lake District in the UK.  Or here in South Africa where I feel like I was at home.   The place was so familiar and so homely.   

It isn’t a very big step to see the connection with drawing.  My love of line.  My love of abstraction and my love of place.  This is a personal favourite from a month long trip.  

Roots in the sand dunes, South Africa.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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