Peak Bragging

Peak Bragging

Peak bragging is an unofficial competive form of bushwalking.  Walking in nature, in the bush is called bushwalking in Australia. I mention tho because each culture seems to have a different name for this beautiful activity.  Peak Bragging is an English term I think.

As a bit of a sport it involves ticking off accomplishments on a list.  So that the summiteers can gain bagging rights.  I must admit to being very familiar with this from rock climbing where various routes achieved become bragging rights and discussion points between climbers.  In climbing we called it our tick list.

Todays photograph was taken on top of my first Wainwright.  A ‘wainwright’ is simply a hill that was included in walking guide of notable hills in the Lake District originally written up as a guide by Wainwright.

To be fair, it is the smallest hill in the guide, but one that is particularly spectacular.  You can imagine at the pub in Borrowdale that night over a pint the significance of such an accomplishment. 

You can easily see how Peak Bragging can become quiet a goal for each of a walkers walks. 

There seems to be a very familiar trend in photography where certain photographers reproducing famous photographs becomes a form of Peak Bragging.  To be honest I find this rather sad and distressing.

I must admit that I get caught up in the excitement of photographing famous locations too.  There is one difference, one that I am proud of.  I put in a huge effort to come home with photographs that are markedly different from the ones I have seen before.  How do I know they are different, well I study what has come before and avoid it.  

So I think it is possible to have a tick list of locations to shoot, and to maintain your own creativity.  What are your Wrainwights of the photographic world?  How hard will you try to photograph them differently? 

Golden leaves in autumn on a Larch on the top of Castle Craig, Borrowdale in the Lake District UK.    Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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Addendum:   Peak Bragging is a bit of a Freudian slip I am afraid.   Peak Bagging is the correct term.  But will leave my post as Peak Bragging because that is the basis of the issue.   

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