What you leave out

What you leave out

I can remember taking this photograph. We were on our way back from Luderitz heading towards South Africa.   We had two vehicles and we were bunny hopping each other along the road.  Stopping where ever we liked.  This spot we waited until they drove past again.  We may even have started back after the other car.  

There are lots of power lines in this area. Not just one set cutting through the landscape but multiple ones coming and going in various directions.   

The wind blown sand reminds me of snow and the play between the hot desert and the cold snow covered mountains rings here for me.   

They say it’s what you leave out of a photograph that counts.  It is a good way to frame your thinking.  Only include the necessary.  Exclude the distractions.   

I cant wait to get back to Namibia.  Not long now.  Less than two months. It is going to be wonderful.  A slow trip.  Lots of time to wander and pause.  Well that is how we planned it.  We will probably be so enthusiastic we won’t be able to put our cameras down.   

Namibia.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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