The Spirit of Endurance

The Spirit of Endurance

Choosing an artistic life, a life of creativity, is a choice that requires the utmost dedication. The hurdles that one encounters far too regularly need to be stubbornly tackled and dealt with.  It is hard work.  Some days it’s overwhelming while others it’s your dream come true. Once started you just have to keep going and do the best you can.  Unfortunately not every day can be full of creating beautiful artwork.  You have to learn to ride the good with the bad.  To ultimately be successful you will need all the endurance of a beautiful old tree that has survived the ravages of life.   

When Harold Cazneaux photographed a lone tree in the Flinders Ranges he used the old tree as a symbol of this endurance of the Australian spirit. 

This photograph is my ode to  Cazneaux taken at the same spot near Wilpena Pound. Taken under the tree that shelters the spot he photographed from.   

Text and Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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