Monochrome, NudesLen Metcalf

The top of Australia

Monochrome, NudesLen Metcalf
The top of Australia

“I’m not trying to make paintings, I’m trying to find something out.”

– Piet Mondrian


Cyan and I are on the highest point in Australia enjoying the cool breeze after our second day of walking in the wilderness.  I am not convinced this is a wilderness area though.

Today, despite being in the middle of nowhere we saw: a sick rabbit, a helicopter doing countless cycles moving bags of rocks, eight national park 4wds, two off terrain vehicles, three generators, two welders, a four stroke post hole digger, a four stroke borer, six workers standing around doing nothing, one NPWS dog and handler, four beautiful alpine lakes, and hundreds of March flies and some horse flies thrown in for good measure.  

Oh, and only a handful of walkers, one with a Woolworths shopping bag, quiet a few who had run out of water and a gorgeous Asian couple holding hands as they walked. 

After we set up camp I had a refreshing skinny dip in the creek. 

What a beautiful  day... 

This weekend is the last chance you will get to visit my show at Light and Shadow Gallery in Leura.  The last day is next Monday.


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