“The first time, I usually skim off the outer layer and end up with photographs that are fairly obvious. The second time, I have to look a little deeper. The images get more interesting. The third time it is even more challenging and on each subsequent occasion, the images should get stronger, but it takes more effort to get them.”

– Michael Kenna


I have talked a lot recently about my love affair with Fuber Steps in Katoomba.   Revisiting the same spot over and over to explore its many moods and visual delights.  I am not sure it gets harder each time though.  For me I find something new with each visit.   

It’s like discovering something new about a friend. Each time you meet a little bit more detail is gleaned from thier life. Trust grows.  You take a bigger risk and share a bit more of yourself to them as you relax in safety.  The bond between you grows a little deeper with each meeting. 

Then there are the moods that swing in as well.  Some days we aren’t as connecting as on others because we have worries and stresses.  Perhaps they are in a different mood.  It’s not always a smooth graph of growth.  It jumps and has it’s good days and not so good ones.   

Each time I revisit the same place things are different.  The light, the weather, the moisture and my own moods.  I react differently to the same place each time.  My work grows.   

If you haven’t really tried this then I recommend you give it a go.  Somewhere you are prepared to get to know better.  Or perhaps even a place you already know well.  Push yourself past the thought of ‘I have done this’, and seek to find the ‘oh my, I hadn’t noticed that before’. 

As it gets harder, try harder.  Go at times you haven’t been before. Stay longer.  Walk slower.  Wander more.   

Furber Steps, Katoomba, NSW.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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