Beyond the craft

Beyond the craft

“Photography is a craft. Anyone can learn a craft with normal intelligence and application. To take it beyond the craft is something else. That’s when magic comes in. And I don’t know that there’s any explanation for that.”

– Elliott Erwitt


Its been a hectic week, one of preparations for another exhibition.  I don’t know why I end up in last minute shows.  I much prefer booking them in a few years in advance with plenty of time to curate them.  This one was curated by the gallery director.  So hard to let go of that aspect of your work when you spend your life creating meaningful bodies (series) of works.  I regularly create images to go into particular series. 

Anyway, it’s printed and now at the framers. Am now so glad I didn’t take my usual route of framing them myself.  Have even made some greeting cards.   

The exhibition is important because I hang with Max Dupain.  It is a similar honour as to hanging with Hans Strand and Art Wolfe in Germany at the Art of Wild Gallery.  Or in the Museum of Photography in India. To hang with such masters of photography is in itself a huge accolade.  Such a boost of self esteem.  Am so proud.

Hopefully you can make it.  It opens on the 1st December in Leura.  My home town. Another little great Omen.  Actually Max Dupain lived just down the road in Castlecraig in a Walter Burley Griffin home.  Just a few hundred meters away. 

1st December - 8th January  

Light and Shadow Gallery.   

Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 4pm

Shop 2/ 19 Grose Street, Leura 2780, NSW AUSTRALIA

I am going to be in the Gallery on Sunday 16th December if you would like to talk to me personally.  I will find some other dates to be there too.

Hopefully visitors will buy some of my work. For that is the ultimate destination of it. Someone’s wall. It is proving to be an art investment. 

Narrow Neck is showing there.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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