“I take the same picture twice, first with my heart then camera.”

– Biju Karakkonam


There are so many ways of expressing our inner selves.  We can call it our subconscious, our intuition, our emotions or our sixth sense.   Heart is a lovely way to think about it.   Art is our expression of ourselves.  How we think and feel.  How our higher consciousness thinks. 


It is always about us no us no matter how much the viewer engages in the subject.  Our bias and interpretation is always there.  The artwork can never escape the artist that created it.  


If this is whats happening, then why not chase it.  Work on it.  Perfect it.  Practice it.   


When I work from the head my work isn’t as strong as when I work from the heart.


The question may remain.  How do I work from the heart?   This is something I am always thinking about and trying to address. 


Grass in South Africa.  Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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