Thredbo River

“Look at lots of exhibitions and books, and don't get hung up on cameras and technical things. Photography is about images.”

– Fay Godwin


Will be at Light and Shadow Gallery today. Please drop in and say hello.    Here’s the blurb from the gallery newsletter.


“Len's exhibition commenced several weeks ago and visitors have been appreciative of his images. They are sensitive, intimate and sensual images of landscapes, still life and nudes taken by an experienced and sensitive photographer witth a nuanced eye for light and composition. Len is primarily a teacher of digital photography and I can imagine just how good a teacher and mentor he would be. As usual I curated the exhibition and I believe this is one of the best exhibitions so far in the Gallery. His exhibition is up until mid January so please come along to the LS Gallery in the next month.

Masters talk this Sunday 16th December

Interested in taking better photos? Want some tips to create an outstanding print? If yes then come along to listen to how its done by the experts this Sunday 16 December at the Gallery.

1.00 The Magic of Black & White Photography - Len Metcalf discusses key ingredients in creating a successful monochrome photograph. He takes you through capture to print.

1:30 The Fine Art Nude - Len Metcalf talks about his search for beauty and meaning in his work with the human figure. He discusses his philosophy and what he saying with his work.  Len talks briefly about the processes involved when working with a nude figure.

2:00 The Technique of Photographic 'Painting' - local photographer Peter Damo talks about why and how he creates his encaptivating and multi-layered prints in which up to ten images are superimposed to create an ambiguous, challenging image”

- From the Gallery newsletter  


Thredbo River, Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018



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