Monochrome, TreesLen Metcalf

Not forgotten

Monochrome, TreesLen Metcalf
Not forgotten

“ Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

- Peter Adams


OMG, great news... On Friday I installed lighting and added my scarf range to my stall in Kiama at The Collective Beat.  It changed the space completely. It suddenly looked alive and abundant. Full of delicious delights to discover.  What a transformation.  Tash has been so wonderful and encouraging. Her advice on merchandising, displays and selling invaluable.  The design is her creativity we workshopped out.  She is a gem and is loved so much by all around her, myself included.   

So over the weekend, the scarves started selling.  One by lunch Saturday, two more by the end of day. Some more yesterday.  

Success.  Not only paid the rent for the first week, but made a little back towards my continued outgoings of art creation. 

I have so much more to do in that space yet.  I think another few weeks before I am there. 

I love fabric.  Probably haven’t mentioned that before. Because I am usually raving on about paper.  Seeing my photographs on fabric is another very long term dream come true.  The scarves are beautiful.   And now after my first batch I am getting a strong sense of where I want to take them.

Tomorrow sees the restart of my Master Class.  Ten students, six workshops spread out over the year.  They can’t wait to get started and have been slogging away getting ready for months. Creating a learning community is so rewarding.  I can’t wait to nurture thier growth.  This program sees us experiencing the blossoms that all that nurturing and support will bring.  

I love what I do as a teacher.   

Serena wrote to me over the weekend too.  She took the best photographs of her life while she was here as my intern.  At the time I didn’t think it was going so well.  As I have recently been discussing, you just never know what your influence really is. How big your impact really is on others or the world.  

Oh, and plenty more news to spill soon too.  So many new projects coming through at the moment. 

Not forgotten refers to the fact I can’t remember when, where or what this photograph is.  Yet, we get to enjoy it without knowing anything about it except that I came through my lens.  Lens lens.  What a fitting name I have.  Lol. 

Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019

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