Happy Birthday Len

Happy Birthday Len

“I went into photography because it seemed like the perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today’s existence.”

– Robert Mapplethorpe


Yes, 53 today.  Mother tells me my hair greyed some more over the weekend.  I love my long grey mop of hair. Distinguished I recon. Luckily I love the process of aging.  I always felt old, even as a young man.  I would tell people to call me Leonard, because I felt it made me older than the Len or Lenny that prevailed at the time.  


Astrologers say that Capricorns enjoy a reverse aging process, one in which they become more handsome as they grow old and learn to relax. To just enjoy life without the drive of youthful enthusiasm to succeed.  Definitely true in my life.  Life is so much easier these days.  It is to be enjoyed as far as I can see.  Hence, Len retuned.  And occasionally sometimes someone surprises me with a Lenny. 


Shirley, Cyan and I will wander out for a birthday lunch.  Later Cy and I are planning a movie. Tomorrow I can finish some work things before we start packing.  Cyan are off on a road trip.  Nowhere in particular, just heading south along the coast.  A few people to visit and catch up with.  Perhaps we will end up in the Victorian high country. We will take an overnight bushwalking kit and our cameras of course.   It is lovely travelling without a plan.  Am in definite need for the two weeks in the Bush somewhere.


Jodi Rose and I have been working very hard on a joint collaboration.  I can’t wait to tell you more and show you the beautiful work we have been doing together. It is so exciting to sink my teeth into something with another creative.  I can rave on and on about the importance of collaborations. Sorry to tease, but you will just have to wait.   


I hope you have a lovely day. I know I will. Enjoy. 


These Proteas were in South Africa.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019

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