Lighting the figure

Lighting the figure

“I carry my thoughts about with me for a long time, sometimes a very long time, before I set them down.”

- Beethoven 

I found this Beethoven quote the other day and it resonates so well with me. I love to leave photographs to mature. I love to think about what I am going to write for months before putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. 

Time...  it answers so many questions.... 

Give your work time... Contemplate it.  Let it mature and ruminate... 

Next week sees another Nude Fine Art Workshop.  This year it’s in Sydney. I have spots available on it and have also opened it up to people that would just like to attend for a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

This Photograph is from a lighting demonstration and practice from last years workshop.  We had a great week and I expect next week to be no different.


Andrea, lighting study with window light.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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