Different Corners

Yesterday I was reading that a good abstract painting has four different corners.  I can think of many famous artworks that defy that idea.  Nether the less it got me thinking about photography. 

How does different corners effect the photograph? How does having similar corners influence the photograph?

We know that the corners are important compositionally and that the edges are too. Well, hopefully you do.   

This non representational abstract photograph of mine has four different corners.  I am sure it helps in this case.  

The question is really becomes have we really become aware of our corners? 

Any thoughts on the matter will be appreciated. 

This is probably the first non representational abstract I have posted.  Most of my work has hints of or very clear renderings of subjects.  Well they do for me. Often a scene.  

Taken on the ‘Stay and Play’ week after the Abstract Photography Workshop at South West Rocks earlier this year.  Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018


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