Passion and Instinct

Passion and Instinct

“It should be stressed that when I make an image I don’t consult a mental list: Have I included ambiguity? Is it beautiful? Is it simple enough? Passion and instinct take over and it is only afterwards that I ask why an image worked.”

- David Ward

Passion and instinct… Shoot with feeling… Compose and photograph efficiently and analyise slowly…

Somewhere in Namibia, Our lunch stop in full sun… Luckily not too hot as we were the first tour group of the season for our guide. Can’t wait to get back in 2020 for my Portraits of Namibia Tour (people, animals, places).

Last night I presented on Monochrome Squares at Dee Why RSL for the Camera Club, tonight it will be on Composition at Manly Leagues Camera Club. So I thought I would post a panorama to remind myself I don’t always see the world as square.

Somewhere in Namibia. Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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