Things often come along in your life which are so easy and just perfect. They feel like they have fallen in your lap. That really isn’t true because of all the years you spent getting ready, but when they materialise out of seemingly nowhere, it is just lovely to marvel at how easily they started.  

They are so comfortable and so natural. They are just so beautiful. 

Life was meant to be easy. It’s just that we have made it hard. Not just us personally, but also society has to hold most of the blame.  Spending our lives thinking that it is meant to be hard just keeps us in our places and living a life of unhappiness.

I have just been reminded that Love is like that.  You know it’s perfect when it is just so easy, so natural and so comfortable. It arrives without asking, it nourishes you, inspires you and fulfills your life. 

To be honest, art is exactly the same.  You spend years, or even a lifetime, working on yourself and your art, learning and growing.  Then one day, an artwork turns up so easily.  It just falls out of you and everything comes together magically to be something wonderful.  If you noticed, you can use this to set your direction.

My best work was and is easy. It just flows out of me.  The work that took blood, sweat and tears I only think is good because I remember the hard work that went into producing it.  The artwork becomes the symbol of this struggle.   

Why do we continue to choose the harder path, when there is a happier and easier one there?  Well, we probably missed that turn, we are so focused on our goals we had blinkers on when we walked past at a run.  It’s why I like to wander life and take the time to see, to listen and to experience.  

Our tree, well our first tree, for there will be many more.  Thank you for being so comfortable, so natural, so easy.  It’s because of that I know how special it is.  

Light painted nude and Morton Bay Fig, Sydney.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

Artist | Writer | Photographer | Educator | Adventurer