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Concentrate on your strengths

PortraitsLen Metcalf
Concentrate on your strengths

I am always surprised that people forget this simple technique. We so often focus on the negative, the hurtful and the fears that scare us. We sometimes tend to look at what is going wrong, where we have made mistakes. What we aren’t getting, or what we can’t do.

I so love Dewitt Jones’s saying “Celebrate what is right in the world”. His film on his photography has become a cult in personal development fields. He is right.

Focusing on the negative is unfortunately way too easy.

I see it way too often. It is why I have started to actively avoid Facebook, and the broadcast news.

I find I get too caught up in the negative, the sad, and the distressing.

Learning to teach from a positive framework took years of conscious practice.

It is the same with my art. I find by ‘ Celebrating what is right with your art’, you improve quicker, it is a much less painless journey.

It is so easy to fall back into, ‘What is wrong with this one?’ To critique with negativity.

Take a deep breath and ask why do your successful artworks work.

I challenge you.

Go and find one of your favorite photographs, that you have taken.

Sit with it and contemplate it.

Do it for an hour.

Take notes.

Why does it work so well.

Examine well past the superficial and explore deeply.

Lastly, ask how you can use this in your next photograph.

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Prince Enigma, A burlesque performer in Sydney and a very dear friend. Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019

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