Resolve artworks

Resolve artworks

I see so many unfinished artworks.  Abandoned before their full potential is realised.  I must admit, I do it myself too.  I usually abandon them when the post-processing required to fix them becomes a task beyond about five minutes.  There have been exceptions.

I have forgotten how to use Photoshop.  

Luckily, most only need a minor adjustment or two and reprinting.  

Resolving your artwork means finishing it.  Figuring out how to make it work the way you wish.  Taking it to its conclusion.  

Here is a common list of things that may need addressing in your quest to resolve your work: 

  • imbalance
  • edges 
  • corners
  • distractions
  • over-complexity
  • white and black points
  • printing problems
  • centre of intellectual interest not matching that of visual attention
  • colour casts

There must be many more.   

Three Pink Flamingos in Namibia.  I will be there in a few weeks and can’t wait. Am very excited to be mixing wildlife and landscapes together in one trip.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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