Study Intensely & Specifically

Study Intensely & Specifically

When we first start out we want to learn everything and we tend to turn to a broad-based education.  We read whole books on the basics and try to learn everything we can.  

A masterful learner doesn’t do that.  They study very specific things that they are interested in.  They follow thier interests and the problems they are encountering along the way. They study specifically to solve real problems they are facing. 

By doing so you are learning and practising problem-solving skills in your practice.  You will find yourself more motivated to learn.  Solving these questions will bring you a greater feeling of self-worth.   

It is better to be a shining specialist than a mediocre generalist.   

How do you apply this to your creative endeavour? What are your loves? What do you want to excel in? What do you need to study? 


Sand and rock, The Tarkine, Tasmania.  Can’t wait to get back to this wonderland of rainforest and untouched coast.  My photography tour is in September this year. Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018


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