Wait for the feeling

Wait for the feeling

I can easily identify at least two reasons I don’t wait for my feelings to surface before starting   One is that my head is so full of crap, while the other is about an insecurity about time and needing to start. There are probably hundreds of reasons I just dive in.

Why do you dive right in? 

When the right thought / idea comes along you will get the feeling.  It can be a jolt of inspiration, a tingle, a flash, a wave.  It’s different for each of us. 

If your not tuned into yourself you won’t hear it.   

It is worth slowing down for it.  Taking your time.  Listening.  Observing. Feeling.  

I like to sit and stare, or if my mind is too busy I wander.   Take it all in.  Feel. Listen. Observe. It always comes. One just never knows when. 

Today Cyan and I leave for Esperance.  I am so excited that the truck is packed and ready.  I have gone minimal with everything so that I can be light and free to roam and photograph.  I have pared back my camera bag to two cameras each with its own lens and no spares and no choices.  Just spare batteries. 

My Olympus has the 300mm (600mm equivalent) ready for birds and animals while the Fuji has the 63mm (50mm equivalent) for all the rest of the photographs I will take. My IPhone X is in my pocket so there is a camera everywhere I go, which also gives me a wider view if needed. 

Travelling and driving will help me get to that feeling place.  The mental head space I need to be in to create my art.  It takes time, time to leave behind the normal every day worries of life.   

I plan to write and share my adventures. Hopefully I will create some art to share with you. If you don’t hear from me for a day or two you will know I am camped in some beautiful location waiting for the light to soften.  Listening and watching.

Travelling is one of my passions. 

It is time to start. 

Tree, shadows and sand. Namibia. Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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