Just one photograph

I could be excused for thinking this is just another of my many beautiful photographs. Weeping Rock on Jamison Creek, along Charles Darwin Walk, is an incredibly popular tourist location.   

Here, in good water after rain, the soft veil of water creates a gorgeous curtain of movement and velvet softness.  Thick mist cradles the moment.

I once lived very close to this spot during my son’s first year. I would walk up the creek to get to work.  I have wonderful memories of my sister's place directly above it.  We would wander down when I was nine to this creek to play.  Goats in the yard and a house so large you could ride a bike in it.  Every time I wander past that house I stop and stare at it and try to remember.  

This is a very special place full of so many memories.  I could go on and on.  

However, despite all of those wonderful times, this photograph holds a new special meaning. One not just for me, but for another. This photograph started a conversation.  A very special conversation about art. One that grows and blossoms.  It marks the very moment something started. Something so grand and so magical. 

Yes, you can look forward to hearing more. 

Weeping Rock, The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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