Search out Joy

Search out Joy

 "Never mind pleasure.  Search out joy.  Pleasure is its shadow.  Joy is real, a secret splendour running through all creation.

Like gold, it doesn’t lie about the streets waiting to be picked up.  It has to be dug for, with diligence and passion.  It’s in people, to be found through the practice of love.  It’s in work, in the rigorous exercise of powers of mind, body and spirit.  It’s a gift the created world is perpetually offering. The price of it is untiring attention to the present moment.

Hunt it down, pursue and track it to its lair where it dwells.  Not in pleasures and pastimes, distractions, piled-up satisfactions and busyness.  It dwells in truth and nowhere else.

That’s why it matters.  It will show you moment by moment where truth is for you.  And when you know that, cleave to it, turn not aside, be given up to that.  That, if you will, is a way of life worth living."

- Fae Malania (edited)

Thanks Megan xx

Minimurra Creek at Minimurra Rain Forest Walk.  A place that is regenerating due the the careful work of NPWS and because visitors are staying on the boardwalk.  Absolutely stunning and well worth the effort to visit.  Best photography days will be overcast or rainy.  Photograph copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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