Today, I fly to Namibia to run my first tour there. The first of many I suspect. I first thought when I visited The African continent that I would want to see all of it.  Over time, though, it has dawned on me that I will enjoy it more returning to places to get to know them more intimately.  I am already looking forward to returning to South Aftrica.  

The sand dunes are something I can’t wait to get back into.  I still haven’t figured out why I love photographing them.  Sand gets everywhere and places like beaches never have seemed to work for me personally.  So, it surprises me that I love photographing in the dunes so much.   

I don’t bother thinking about it too much. I just go with it.  Do we really need to understand why we enjoy things?  I am sure one day my subconscious will explain it to me.   

Perhaps, one day I should return to The Empty Quater in the Arabian Peninsular. Stunning sand dunes.  Each one, hundreds of kilometres long.  I must scan the films and share images of the Middle East with you.   

The sand in Namibia gets blown directly from the sea.  Strong south-westerly winds start it on its journey east.   

I do love the lines.  Here we were playing beside the road in Namibia. For the causal passerby an innocuous drift of sand, but for an artist a wonderland of design elements begging to be framed into an artwork.   

While I am travelling the posts will continue. I have worked diligently to get ahead and hope to share some of my journey while I am there.  

Excitement builds and the final presentations need to be made.  Yes it’s time to pack.   

Namibian Sands.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2018

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