Just start

A full week after returning from Namibia, I have only just started recovering. I have been exausted. Strange sleeping habits saw me wide awake most nights and falling asleep as the sun rose.  I am nearly back to normal and last night's extra hour, as daylight saving finishes, was a bonus.  

I needed a holiday after that amazing trip. I will tell and show you more over the coming weeks.  

Not much work has been done.  Still a lot of emails to respond to. But I will get there.  

Have managed to lose the habit of writing every day so easily.  So easy to stop.  So hard to start again.  Well, hard in my mind. Once you actually start it isn’t as hard as you imagined.  

Art and photography is like that. The fear and the thoughts are bigger blocks than the actual act of just starting.  Once you start it doesn’t take long to remember and get back into the groove.  

Just start and stop worrying about the what or why.  That will come.  It is much easier to figure out afterwards. Your best and most interesting work will explain itself to you.   

Umbrella Thorn, with Atosha Salt Pan shimmering in the background. Namibia. Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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