This boy and I couldn’t talk to each other very well due to the barriers of our different languages and his inherent shyness. But we did manage to find a way to communicate. 

After gaining his and his mother’s permission I listened to him as we communicated. I watched his reactions as I took and showed him the photographs I was taking.  I was listening with my eyes to his reactions.  We were soon laughing and smiling. 

I was intently listening to myself. My every feeling. Listening to my body. Essentially listening to my intuition.   

This photograph came so easily.  I believe it’s because of this listening.  

To do this you must relax, be sensitive.  If you are so absorbed with the task at hand you can’t listen properly.  You need to be unconsciously competent with your photography.

How do you listen?  Can you listen with your eyes?  Can you tune into yourself and your own intuition?  These skills are worth practicing.   

I am putting together a cultural tour of Namibia to photograph the people.  Travelling in the north through the farms, stopping by at a wildlife park along the way and finishing up at Victoria Falls.  I would love to photograph more people. 

Himba boy at a roadside stall, Namibia. Photograph copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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