How to squeeze your camera shutter

How to squeeze your camera shutter

Did you know there is an art and lots of technique in pressing the shutter?

The most common mistake is introducing camera movement while pushing it too hard.  

Your goal is to use a technique that doesn’t induce camera movement. This is to ensure your photographs are as sharp as possible.  

The trick is to squeeze gently. So so gently that you are probably unsure of the exact moment it takes the photograph.  You need to be counterbalancing with an equal squeeze upward at the same time.  Squeeze down and up simultaneously.

The best way to test this is to watch yourself in a mirror.  Look for camera movement.  If there is some, any at all you need to work on your technique.  It helps me to hold my breath on the out, rather than with a lung full of air.  Empty lungs is much steadier.  

Giraffe at Etosha Namibia. Photograph and text copyright ©️Len Metcalf 2018


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