The Grand Scenic

The Grand Scenic

I rarely photograph the grand scenic.  Perhaps I rarely find them creative expressions and tend to think of them more as documentaries of my presence in the landscape.  Occasionally I do.  Mainly because I am often so attracted to the scene they are my starting point for a session with my camera.  They do come in handy.  

This photograph shows were we are camped. We are on the third ridge in the photograph.that runs down from the right hand side. A bit hard to be certain on the phone.  It is stunning.  Not like in this shot taken three years ago on a White in White week. 

Today is sunny again, rain is expected tonight and snow in the morning.  

I can hear the birds, the wind and the river.  Occasionally a vehicle echoes across the valley from Guthega.  

Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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