East Coast to West Coast

Finally arrived on the West Coast of Australia.  An epic father and son journey across the Nullarbor.  Crossing the treeless plain. Over four thousand kilometres. Through the huge food belts that supply Australia with fresh produce and tonnes of wheat.  

Time with family has made this a very special trip.  Long overdue.  Not as difficult to do as I had imagined.  The main ingredient needed was time.   

The wildflowers here are captivating. Even now the place is alive with them.  I am already planning a spring trip.   

Epic is probably the wrong word.  There were no hiccups nor traumas.  Life is so lovely when you don’t do stress.  Photography started slowly at Esperence, as I slowly accepted the new culture and landscape.  Each walk and adventure bought me closer to my country.   

Cyan and I had a few lovely sunset sessions playing with the evening light.  He flew home yesterday and is back at school today.  

Now I get to explore some of the South Western corner without any distractions and at my own pace.  I can find my own rhythm.  It will be blissful.   

South West Rocks on the East coast of Australia.  From the Abstract Photography Workshop.  Can’t wait for this years one.   http://www.lensschool.com/workshops-tours/south-west-rocks-abstract-workshop Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018


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