I have been photographing seascapes for a while now. I have been fairly content with long exposures and creating gentle soft water. Occasionally, I dabble with waterfalls that are created as waves flood over rocks.

Slowly, I notice an interest developing in waves.  Students on workshops stun us with beautiful wave photographs. I look on in awe.

My attempts at waves are from a safe distance.  I wonder if my memories of being tumbled in them, and a general uncomfortableness being in them, keeps me so distant.  While I did manage to learn how to body surf and swim in them, it isn’t something I love with a passion.  It’s more something I tolerate. Something I share with others rather than something I would really choose to do.   

A good example of how my photography, my art, is about me.   Really about my own deep memories, psychological underpinnings and connection with my inner self.   

Studying my own work teaches me about myself.   

Wave near Narooma somewhere on the coast.   Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018


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