Comparisons are dangerous

Comparisons are dangerous

Continually comparing your creative work to other creatives is a recipe for disastrous consequences.  Unfortunately it is way too easy on social media such as Instagram or Facebook.  

When we compare our creative work we often loose momentum and start to feel lousy about our own work.  We fault find.  We criticise. We look for errors.  We loose sight of our own voice.   

When you look at the work of others, spend time finding the work that truely moves you. The art that really engages your emotions and stirs your feelings.  Figure out why it does.  Use it as inspiration or as learning.  

At all costs avoid comparisons with your own.  Try to remember your work is yours and theirs is theirs.  It’s not better or worse. Art and photography isn’t a competition or a race.  There is no first or best.   

Art is a medium of expression and communication.  Concentrate on on expressing yourself.  Concentrate on making work you are pleased with.  

Comparisons are dangerous.   

Sand dunes in Namibia.  Photograph and text copyright Len Metcalf 2018

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