Misty mountain trees

Misty mountain trees

 “When the world becomes unclear, I shall focus with photographs.”

- Ansel Adams


Notes:  Writing interesting tidbits will resume next Monday once I put Cyan back on the plane home. I will then have some time to muse on photography and words again. In the meantime photos and quotes will hopefully brighten and inspire your day. The photography hasn’t really kicked in yet.  This place (Esperence) is stunning.  Hopetoun next.  The wildflowers.  OMG. And they aren’t even in season.  I can feel a wildflower trip in the works.  The colour of the water here is divine as are the beautiful white sandy beaches between the granite headlands.


My misty mountains at Katoomba, The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018


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