Herb Asherman, who ran our Portrature Masterclass last year, while he was here kept saying “It is what it is.”    It was his way of reminding himself the value of surrendering to things that were out of his control.

They are powerful words.  The sentiment behind them is even more powerful. 

There are so many things in this world that we can’t control.  It is really the overwhelming majority of world.  We have such a small influence and control of our little world. 

I see it so often in people. They get upset and stressed over things that are really outside of thier control.  

I am as guilty of it as everyone else.  So I am not pointing the finger. I am reminding myself to let go, to relax and to let life happen. 

There is no point getting stressed if the light isn’t right, the weather isn’t perfect, that I can’t find anything stimulating to photograph. What if I don’t feel like creating art?   It is what it is. 

Surrender to that and go with it.   

Life is so much enjoyable when you do. 

Lioness, Etosha, Namibia. Photograph and text copyright ©️Len Metcalf 2018

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