Point Ann

Wandering around Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia.  A UNESCO listed biosphere of international importance with over 1800 species of plants and 20% of the states flora in it.  Most of it is closed to even walkers as it is threatened by dieback and has many unique and endangered species.

I walk around the point without my camera I happen by chance encounter three whales and a pod of dolphins. They are close to the shore in shallow water and from my high vantage point I look down at them in awe. So close thier breaths are so loud.

I stop and watch.  Two are leaving and one appears to be arriving.

This particular bay is a birthing place, a nursery. One of only two for Southern Right Whales in Australia. Sheltered and warm I suspect.

After the whales disappear I finish my walk kicking myself for leaving my wildlife lens and camera in my 4wd truck. I obsess about it as I walk. 

A moments flash of thought, and I think what I would be telling my son or my students.  ‘Aren’t you so lucky to have seen them!  What a special thing!’

A few breaths latter I am calm again, I wander around and pick up my camera and they are all well gone. 

I sit on the point and feel how special it was to see them.  At least I had my iPhone to capture this memory.  Photographs can just be for memories. We all get too caught up in the perfect shot we sometimes forget to live the moments.

Whales at Point Ann, Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia.  Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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