Sensual Waratah

“Throughout the time in which I am working on a canvas I can feel how I am beginning to love it, with that love which is born of slow comprehension.“


~  Joan Miró


Someone said to me the other day, “I always know when I take a good photograph, the moment I press the shutter.”  They were amazed that I let my work mature so my love for it grows slowly over time.  


I wonder if if it’s about impact verse contemplative work.  I sometimes know when I get something with impact.  But, I rarely know if it’s a contemplative work.


The answer probably doesn’t matter.  Just relax and don’t push so hard.  We photograph for love. Well, I think we should. 


Waratah, The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Photograph copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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