I was wandering around Wentworth Falls lake this morning with a few other photographers. The frost was beautiful. As were the reflections of some dead trees.  Was a lovely morning.  As usual I say hello or good morning to all that pass. 

An older gentleman, after saying hello, responds to my usual question, how are you with a “not too bad”.

I wonder about that saying with how much it is loaded with negativity.  Is it an Australian thing or is it used wider?  I catch myself saying it sometimes. I must try to say that I am well in a positive manner more often.   

Perhaps I am missing the implied saracasim in it?  It may have just been the pain in this mornings gentleman’s voice that made me think of the negative side of this saying.

The words we use tell us so much about ourselves. 

Needles in Turtle Rock, Wentworth Falls, The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018

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