Loosing the Tarkine

We are so close to loosing another large swathe of old growth forest in the Tarkine in Tasmania.  There is currently a dedicated team of protesters holding on and stopping the start.   People are still brave enough to be sitting in trees stopping the chainsaws. 

The fight is not lost just yet.  

Why isn’t mainstream media showing us?  Well we know that answer already. Don’t we Malcom and Rupert. 

When I was last there I asked our boat captain about the security of the area. It’s safe he said.   I wonder if he really understood the way the area is gazetted for uses as the government sees fit with no environmental protection at all.  We should sue the government for using a misleading name for the area.   It’s basically gazetted for any use, yet labelled as a conservation area for the tourists.    Only a tiny area along the coast has been set aside for National Park. 

The Tarkine is in no way able to be considered safe. It is being mined and logged right now. 

There is a belief that is conservationists are against logging,   This isn’t what we are fighting for.  We want to stop old growth logging so that true wilderness areas aren’t touched.  We encourage and support the practice of managed forests where logging is done selectively and trees are planted and grown in farms.  

We must save the little we have left for our own health and our children. To maintain biological diversity and the production of oxygen.   It’s our life blood. 

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Here are some links to more information and ways to help.  Please do. 




Lost forests taken at Corina in the Tarkine, Tasmania. Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018



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