Departing Western Australia

 “The artist must train not only their eye, but also their soul.”  

(Note: quote edited to make it gender inclusive)

 ~ Wassily Kandinsky


Today I start my drive back across the Nullarbor Plain. Heading homeward. It looks like I will have a tail wind.  It will be sad to leave this beautiful part of the world and it’s mild weather.  This trip has been full of amazing places and flora that stimulates my senses with such fresh newness.  Everything is different over here. The people, the colours, the water, the plants, the coast.... The list goes on. 

The most important part of this trip has been the reconnecting with family.  A lost part of you finds its way back into you. Reminded of times past, of growing up, and bonds so strong that time only makes them stronger. It has been stimulating and relaxing. Restorative and strengthening. 

I cant wait to return and the number of people asking to come with me will make that possible. 

Next stop Adelaide for a long weekend of photographing people. Another thing that has been missing over the past few years.  So exciting. For those waiting my return, it isn’t long now.  

Shelley Beach, yes in colour again, Albany, Western Australia.  Photograph and text copyright  ©️ Len Metcalf 2018


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