A artist friend reminded me of Arkaroola through thier work and I was suddenly transformed back to my time there years ago.   It is a little known geological tourist Mecca.  Many clues were added to our understanding of how our planet was formed in geological terms came from discoveries in this area.  

A harsh and unforgiving environment, yet one do rich with magical crystals and the source for our not so magical uranium.   It washed down from these mountains and lays in the plains below where it is still mined. 

Mining was halted at Arkaroola due to some fantastic lobbying and a hard won battle, it is now a private sanctuary based out of the impossible sheep station that tried to farm this land.  

Wipedia states “The area's first people are the Adnyamathanha. One of their dreamtime or creation stories says that Arkaroo, a mythical monster, drank Lake Frome dry. He then crawled up into the mountains. When he urinated he created the waterholes that are a feature of the area. His movement over the land created Arkaroola Creek.“

I need to go back, the first visit was too short as we explored more of the Flinders Ranges in the same trip.  I often don’t respond well to places on the first visit. I think it takes me a while to settle into county that is new and perhaps even confronting.  Though the huge gorges give me great comfort protector of the harsh elements that abound. 

I am thinking a trip through the painted desert would complement some time in Arkaroola.   So much to photograph and explore in our beautiful country. 

Arkaroola, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Photograph and text copyright ©️ Len Metcalf 2018


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