Eizo Love


A fortnight ago my new Eizo monitor arrived.  I finally bit the bullet and purchased one after years of lusting over them and using them in my students workspaces.  TBH, there has only ever been one choice for me in monitors. It was never an if, just a when.

Working on a mat screen as opposed to a glossy one is a revelation in itself.  Because it’s so beautiful and is specifically for my printing I still am feeling guilty using it for my emails and web surfing.  No doubt I will soon get over that.  Why aren’t all monitors mat finish.  Why didn’t I buy it earlier, we’ll we know the answer to that, cameras and lenses chewed up spare funds as did printers and paper.

For those that haven’t visited my Willoughby Studio, I will elaborate a little about it.  It’s my cave.  Lol. Yes cave.  It is dark. Comforting and without distractions.  Why?   So I don’t get reflections in my monitor, and so that there wasn’t brightness or colour shift in my monitor between day and night.  

There are other reasons I love my dark studio, but they are different stories.  I will save them for another time.

Colour accuracy is extremely important to me. It is one of the many reasons I avoid colour photography. I get upset at my work when the colours aren’t right in my mind.

So, what do I think of my new monitor?  Love at first sight. Isn’t it amazing how when it happens you didn’t think it could.  Nor did you really understand the importance nor impact of it on your life. 

I am still getting used to my new love.  I will write some more about her as I get to know and understand her.   

I still have only run out a few prints. One was 1 x 1 meter square which has now gone to the framers to be the main print in my shop at a Kiama.  Did I notice anything.  Well, yes, the print is exactly what I expected. Knowing it will be will make my life so much easier. 


This photograph is at Myall Lakes.  I am going there with a group soon.  8th -12th May The Workshop is about exploring your creativity.   Still some spots.  Stay for a few days afterwards for a ‘Stay and Play’. https://www.lensschool.com/workshops-tours/creative-lens-photography-workshop


Footsteps, Myall Lakes, Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019




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