“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

- Brad Henry


I started teaching when I was a young teenager at scouts. My first professional job at 18 was as a teacher.  Before I was 25 I was teaching my educational staff to teach better and getting gigs around the country teaching teaches to teach and writing curriculum for high school outdoor education programs.

Before I knew what was happening I was writing and running the ‘train the trainer’ at a skillshare Center for long term unemployed. 

My next major job was coordinating and lecturering a Bachelor of Teaching, in Adult Vocational Education for the University of Technology, Sydney. 

I then returned to the Blue Mountains and ended up in the Outdoor Recreation Department at TAFE NSW.  Training outdoor guides to teach and lead groups, coming full circle in a career of education. 

Not content to fit in, I tackled the rewriting of the curricula and the assessments.  Holistic approaches.  I was soon teaching the whole state in outdoor recreation how to use my curriculums and assessment tools.  Setting a statewide standard for assessment. 

I look back now, and wonder why and how my journey through education evolved. 

In many ways it was simple.  Love and opportunity.   I followed my loves and took opportunities as they arose. 

I have a passionate love for teaching.  At one stage I thought I wanted to give it away and be a photographer.  How wrong I was.  Being a photographer isn’t a job I ache for.  Having art directors tell me what to photograph and how.  No. 

Teaching photography was the perfect answer.  Be my own boss.  Teach to those that ache to learn and listen.  Travel the world and inspire other creatives.  Take photographs just for me.   

I never would have dreamt up this amazing life with my clear goals of a youthful young Leonard. The name I insisted on as a twenty something, because it made me feel older and more respected.  No, following my loves, my passions lead me here.  And I am so thankful I did.

I love teaching photography.  I love mentioning people and watching them grow. Thier success is mine.  Not really, but helping and supporting someone with encouragement means that you held thier hand for a while. And knowing you did is reward in itself. 

If I haven’t met you yet, please find your way to one of my classes.  Whether it’s a camera club talk, a one day workshop, a week long destination workshop or one of my year long offerings.   You won’t be disappointed. 

You will learn something about yourself, you will grow, you will leave inspired. 


In the mist.  Between Bega and Cooma.  Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019

Artist | Writer | Photographer | Educator | Adventurer