Should I be upset at the imperfections?   I stare at this photograph.  Are they distractions or the special sauce that makes it a beautiful photograph? The perfect one with them all removed becomes sterile, yet it would be preferred by the masses. Surely it is an easy photoshop fix? Is it worth changing?

So if it’s not perfect should I even take the photograph?   With my large camera it was my headspace for many years as a younger photographer.  Only take the shot if it’s perfect.

What happened? 

I let go of perfection and relaxed.  I took more good shots, took greater risks.  Moved from my head to a more intuitive place perhaps.  No, I definitely moved to a less cognitive process. 

I shot more handheld and let the tripod go.  I shot more photographs.  I stopped the inner critic that kept saying ‘no... don’t bother, it’s not perfect.”

Now, I believe my work is less sterile, less left brained, less perfect.  Instead it is more intuitive, full of emotions, freer and more natural.  More me.  I hope it’s better. I think it is.

I wonder where I would be if I hung onto perfection?   One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t be writing now because I know my writing isn’t perfect. Would you rather read something interesting with imperfections or nothing at all? 

Embrace the imperfections.  They make it more personal.  Honest. And heartfelt.


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Photograph and text copyright © Len Metcalf 2019


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