Pieman River

 “I want to create images that are a shorthand of sensation,”

- Frances Bacon


I have decided to put on a show of Emily’s work in June.  I have the exhibition space at the National Parks Heritage Center at Blackheath booked, from about two years ago.  I tried to get her to exhibit there with me previously.  I can’t remember why it never happened.   It must now be time.  I think there is enough work to make it her show.   Fill the room.

“By Em”, her father Brian would like to call it.  The only photographs we can access of hers.  It will help me process the sadness of her leaving us.  Will have the books ready by then, and I think you will be able to buy her prints.

It is so sad to think that after a life of creativity and helping others all that is left is 20 or so prints. I stop to wonder how many people actually saw them?

Celery Top I think, reflected in the Pieman River at Corrina. The Tarkine, Tasmania. Photograph Copyright © Len Metcalf 2019


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