Photography is, quite simply, a means of communicating my concern for the beauty of the Earth; and making images is a need which sometimes borders on the compulsive. But without the opportunity for communication that photography offers, my journeys into the wild would perhaps lose some of their motivation. And here lies a paradox, because the more preoccupied I become with photography and with producing 'results', the less productive becomes my vision. The more open and receptive I am to find those objects of beauty that are symbols of the mysterious and unknowable. The search is always more important than the goal. When the images of nature become more important than the experience of wilderness it will be time to leave my camera at home."

Peter Dombroviskis,

Dogwoods. What a stunning flowering tree. This years discovery. Taken at a garden in Leura in the Garden Festival. Photography Copyright © Len Metcalf 2017